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How to make a referral?
An individual is referred to Shen-Paco either through the local Community Services Board, Department of Social Services, Department of Rehabilitative Services, Department of Blind and Visually Impaired, School System, Veteran Affairs, or other agencies.
What happens after the referral?
Every individual that enters Shen-Paco's program must have some type of funding source. Once a referral is made, the individual needs to be assessed as to what type of funding the individual has at that particular time. If the individual has ID Waiver or DD Waiver, the individual can enter the program once the assessment and paperwork have been filled out and processed.
Work Adjustment Training
Shen-Paco's work adjustment training program is developed to move individuals towards more demanding, less restrictive work opportunities as their skills increase.
Majority of the work are provided in-house within the integrated setting, however, opportunities for individuals to perform remunerative work in a variety of integrated settings also take place such as mobile work crews and enclaves which provide janitorial services to local businesses.
Recommendations for program placement, additional Work Adjustment Training or possible competitive employment/supported employment are discussed and an Individual Service Plan is developed once training time has been completed.
Who do I contact if I have questions?
Mickie Duncan, Program Director, Shenandoah County
(540) 477-2049
Barbie Sharp, Program Director, Page County
(540) 743-4761
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