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Group Day
Shen-Paco Industries, Inc. offers a Developmental Day Support Program to individuals who need additional assistance in developing independence in the activities of daily living. The target population for the program will be those individuals with developmental disabilities who fall within the severe to profound range of Intellectual Disability. The following are areas in which a program participant may pursue independence:
Self-Care/Adult Daily Living Skills
Socio-Emotional Development
Cognitive/Educational Development
Environmental Skills
Sensory Motor Development

For more information on the program listed above, please contact:
Mickie Duncan, Program Director, Shenandoah County
(540) 477-2049
Barbie Sharp, Program Director, Page County
(540) 743-4761
Supported Employment
Supported Employment Services through Shen-Paco Industries, Inc. may include Individual Competitive Placement and enclaves. All supported employment services provide competitive work in an integrated setting with on-going support services for Individuals with disabilities.
Individualized Competitive Placement will consist of:
Job Development
 SPI's employment specialists will development integrated competitive job sites for the individual.
Job Placement and Training
Job site support will be given by the employment specialist. Initial support will be intensive and may last the employees entire workday as necessary. As training and production progress, the Employment Specialist will slowly fade from the job site and follow along will be provided.
Follow Along Services
Follow Along services will be provided by the Employment Specialist as long as the individual and employer feel it is necessary. It can be terminated when all parties agree that it is no longer needed.
This program serves the following counties:
The City of Winchester
For more information on Supported Employment, please contact:
Ingrid Thompson, Senior Employment Specialist
(540) 477-2049

Residential Services
Shen-Paco Industries, Inc. provides residential services to individuals with intellectual disabilities, ensuring a safe and comfortable home environment focusing on education and community exposure. Every individual is provided with the utmost quality of care and their human rights are respected at all times. Within this residential setting, the individuals are involved in learning and developing daily living skills which are tied into their Person Centered Plan as goals, and practiced on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Each individual who resides at Helens Haven or Kennedy House attends Shen-Paco Industries, Inc. during the week, Monday-Friday, 8:30-2:30pm or another day program of their choice. The residents also go on outings in the community on a frequent basis for educational experiences and community exposure.
For more information about  our residential program please contact:
Mickie Duncan, Kennedy House
(540) 477-2049

                             Barbie Sharp, Helens Haven
                                       (540) 743-4761

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